About Jennifer

Meet Jennifer

I am a lover of the United States Constitution and believe that “we the people retain the power” to self-govern and have the inherent right to live free from government oppression and interference. I further believe that all public servants should pledge to uphold
the U.S. Constitution and promote an America First agenda.


My Mission

Right now the stakes are too high to sit back and hope for the best.  We find ourselves at a defining moment in history that demands integrity and personal sacrifice from its citizens.  The current political atmosphere is so toxic that most citizens fear for themselves and their family if they were to challenge the status quo. Cancel-Culture is real!  People have lost their livelihoods and liberties as a result of voicing their opinions; so, standing up for liberty and freedom is not for the faint of heart.

“All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” commonly credited to Edmund Burke

Friends, our government has become so large and overlording that good men and women must stand up and step forward to restore this country.  I am stepping up and accepting this challenge, but I cannot do it alone.  This is a time that ALL patriots must act, as if our lives and our children’s lives depended upon it!

I grew up in a rural part of Osceola County, Florida amongst citrus growers, cattle ranchers and schools that took off for rodeo day.  There, I learned the value of hard work, faith, and love of community.  To this day these local values are the compass that direct my decisions.  It was commitment to do the hard work that propelled me through law school at night, after working full-time during the day.  After years of practicing law in another firm, I eventually opened my own law practice in 2012, where I continue to litigate civil and appellate cases.

My faith in God is fuels my passion and strengthens my commitment to my community and my country.  I am an active member of my local church, through whom I serve my community by volunteering to serve meals to the needy, to shut ins and to the elderly.  I have further served my community by donating my legal services to assist the marginalized.

Time is of the essence!

As your Representative, I will fight for our District, our State, and our Country!  It is time to elect patriots who are bold and fearless, and who are willing to be the voice of Americans.  I am answering the call to restore America by standing up to the establishment, speaking the truth, and governing with integrity.

May it be said in the chronicles of history 

That 2022 was the year that The American People

Reclaimed their government and restored America.


Restoring America for Generations to Come

America, where dreams really can come true!
Partner with me if you dare to dream and have the courage to fight:
To live in a country whose government operates within a balanced budget;
To live in a country with excess and surplus, not lack and need;
To live In a country without homelessness;
To live in a country where there is food on every table;
To live in a country where there’s a robust economy offering jobs for every person;
To live in a country where we can live free from fear of enemy attack;
To live in a country where human beings can no longer be trafficked or sold;
To live in a country where we have autonomy and the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness without government interference!

I am willing to face what lies in wait in Washington D.C., but I need the time, money, and prayers to get elected to the United States House of Representatives.

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