Maria Warren, Clermont FL

Cuban immigrant endorses Jenifer Raybon

I support Jennifer Raybon for Congress in 2022.
She has excellent credentials, and her goals and objectives align with my own objectives to safeguard our most crucially important Constitutional law and order.

I lived under Communism in Cuba until I legally immigrated to the United States at age 15. I have many concerns about the present US government.
One of the main concerns is the mixture of Socialism, Communism, and Totalitarianism ideology that is rapidly infiltrating, being embraced, and being implemented our land.

In Cuba, I saw many things done away with, including elections; freedom of speech, right to bear arms; the nationalization of the agriculture sector, banking, manufacturing,
individual business ownerships and investments; the dividing of the family unit; the fanning of hatred among its people; history being re-written; and monuments being torn down.

I saw a dictator take over and become God; churches closed; major restrictions of food, clothing fuel, medical care, pharmaceuticals, and other goods; travel restrictions;
the collapse of the economy; a point system of social scores; a new monetary system; and a new and corrupt system of law.

Cuba’s state-funded guaranteed universal income plan for all was a complete disaster! Just like in other countries, what was deemed to be “an eutopia” to glorify social justice
and equality for all ended up being equality of misery and poverty for most (the working class) and a rich and luscious style for the few, ruling class (the elites).

Because of Socialism and then Communism, I lost my freedom, my country, my home, my friends, my family, my possessions, and my way of life.
Those pushing for Socialism made the Cuban people many promises of a better life, but we bought into a lie too good to be true until it was too late.

Every Cuban who chose to take action to leave the island and pursue freedom, endured many sorrows. Our personal family’s hardship lasted five long years with my father being sent to a labor camp as punishment for his desire to be free. I wanted to kiss the soil when we arrived in the USA as a political refugee; I should have.
We all became US citizens as soon as we were allowed and have adopted this country as our own.

It is extremely dangerous what is happening to our United States now. I voice my experiences every chance again. I take my duties as a citizen and the right to vote seriously,
and I keep politically engaged. I expose the Socialist/Communist agenda here in the USA any chance I get.

It is a wonderful life here in the USA and I will work to keep it that way. I encourage everyone to do homework, learn history, become engage,
and strike down Socialism/Communism in the USA NOW.

Maria Warren, Clermont FL