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Patriots for freedom Pac endorses Jennifer Raybon


Today April 29, 2022, Patriots for Freedom PAC announced its official endorsement of Jennifer Raybon for Florida’s congressional District 18.

Jennifer Raybon, grew up in a rural part of Osceola County, FL. After years of practicing law, she opened her own law practice in 2012.  This is where she continued to litigate civil and appellate cases.

Jennifer’s motto “Today we will move forward” is an embodiment of who she is with optimism, hope and the change her District needs.  Jennifer is God first, America first. She is a Constitutionalist who understands “We the people retain power” to self-govern and have the inherent right to live free from government oppression and interference”  -cited:

Jennifer also believes that all public servants should pledge to uphold the US Constitution and promote the America First agenda.

Jennifer’s key issues that she is prepared to fight for and uphold; Free Speech, Election Integrity, Energy Independence, Anti Critical Race Theory, Balance Budget Fiscal Responsibility, Individual and Medical Right to Privacy, Religious Liberty, Support of Small Business, Support Law Enforcement, Eradicate Human Trafficking, Border Security and the Right to Bear Arms.

Jennifer exudes strength, wisdom, charisma, intelligence, compassion and policies superior to her opponents.  She is who District 18 needs to ensure their God given rights blessed by the US Constitution are being upheld.

Patriots for Freedom has complete confidence in Jennifer Raybon’s law experience, leadership and her dedication to uphold her oath to office will undoubtedly be the saving grace of District 18.

Patriots for Freedom PAC wholeheartedly endorses Jennifer Raybon for Florida’s Congressional District 18.

To learn more about Jennifer Raybon’s campaign, please visit:

Patriots for Freedom PAC was created in 2021, first as a civic organization meant to unite communities.
As the year progressed and hundreds of concerned citizens began attending Patriots for Freedom meetings, Founder, Sonya Green made the bold decision to file as a political action committee to elect patriots to all offices. To learn more about this organization, visit: