Sheriff Richard Mack, Retired

Sheriff Mack endorses Jennifer Raybon


It gives me great pleasure to endorse you for United States Congress in Florida’s District 18.
After extensive review, thought, and prayer I believe that your incredible fighting spirit, dedication to your community, and your belief in American ideals of Freedom and Liberty are exactly what’s needed to represent the people.

I feel that our nation needs more dedicated, self-made leaders who understand the lives of hardworking Americans and who have overcome adversity in their lives through a strong connection to God and the hard work for which our nation is known.
Combined with your professional commitment to counsel and defend the rights of those in need, you embody the essence of what our founders envisioned for servant leadership.  I wish you the very best of luck in your mission to serve, and I’m excited to support you however I can.

Sheriff Richard Mack, Retired
Former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona
Founder of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association